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Cindy Gates

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The backbone of our family business is my wife Cindy.  Cindy has worked as my clerk and cashier even before we were married.  Cindy has a calming and welcoming spirit and is a pleasure to be around, speak with and serve our clients and customers.  Cindy has a Bachelor's Degree from Western Carolina in Social Work.

Cindy has worked for social services, Hospice, Gaston County hospital, Lincoln County Health Dept. and now with the Lincoln County School system where she serves multiple schools, children and parents.

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Robert Gates

I am Robert Gates, owner and second-generation Broker and Auctioneer with over 30 years combined real estate and auction experience licensed in North Carolina. My father Craig Gates started Gates Real Estate in 1968 and grew it over the years to provide real estate listing and sales services. 

Our family business goes back to 1968 and I have continued the business along with my wife Cindy offering full service real estate and auction services.  Over the years we have adapted to the changing landscapes of real estate and auctions, utilized the most state of the art technology to provide the most protection and realized values for our clients.

My dad was a trail blazer when it came to single family construction and land development with a passion for promoting country, bluegrass and gospel legends like Hank Williams Jr., Bill Monroe and Cristy Lane.  Although my dad sold many of his properties via the auction method of marketing with the legendary auctioneer Teague Gilbert, he desired to go into the auction business for himself as it complimented his real estate services so well. So, in 1990 my dad attended Mendenhall Auction School along with his best friend James "Whitey" Harman and launched the auction division.

At the time, I was a young disk jockey who thought I was God's gift to country radio broadcasting and had no interest in becoming an auctioneer as I was not getting up in front of folks, I was gonna stay behind the scenes even though my dad kept on trying to get me to go to auction school.  So, I made a bet with him that if the radio station could ever do without me I would go to auction school.  Well, guess what?  The radio station fired me literally two week later due to automation and no longer needed DJ's.  

I don't know what was harder, getting fired or having to tell me daddy I would go to auction school.  I kept my word and in 1991 I attended Mendenhall Auction School and wouldn't you know it, with the son of my dad's best friend "Whitey", his name was Jim and we had a blast.  After graduation, we cut our teeth on the auction business as apprentice auctioneers working with our dads on estate auctions, auction houses and anywhere we could find an auction and microphone.  In fact, my dad was the first Walmart auctioneer liquidating the assets of the Lincolnton Walmart Cafe.

We all continued to work together over the years as the auctions were available and we divested our time into other opportunities but we all kept coming back to auctions.  In 2003, my dad passed away, Whitey and Jim had also previously passed away and I was by myself.  So I went on my own with my real estate and auction company to carry on the legacy of Craig, Whitey and Jim.

Since starting my own business in 2003, I have spent 21 years conducting real estate, estate, liquidation and charity auctions.  I am thankful for the years I had with my dad and the years I have too have blazed my own trail and realize that from being fired from a radio station would set in motion the opportunities to become a professional auctioneer, be able to provide excellent real estate auction services and most importantly provide for my family.

So no matter how small, large or unique your needs are, I am just a phone call, text or email away if you need help for your family, business or estate. 

Let's make an appointment today for coffee, conversation and help you develop a plan for anything you have before you.

Respectfully submitted,

Robert Gates
Owner | Auctioneer | Realtor

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